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Updated May 14, 2008


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 Hosta should be planted at least 4 to 6 weeks before the earliest frost to enable them to get established. In Autumn, after the leaves wither and die from frosts and onset of Winter, the leaves may be trimmed off. Leave the bloom scapes , so that when they are mulched, the exact location of each hosta can easily be seen. Bloom scapes should be cut to within 2 inches of the ground when blooms have finished. Fall clean up of older leaves on established clumps after full killing frosts is preferable as the cold winter weather helps to  sterilize the top of the soil and plant tips. Many slugs and small insects can congregate and over winter in the dead foliage. New and very young plants need some freeze and thaw protection and should be given a mulch such as White Pine needles over the new crowns to keep the plant at a uniform temperature after they freeze, as successive freezing and thawing .

Over Wintering Hostas