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SunStruck Hostas

Specializing in hostas

A  little out of  the ordinary!

Updated May 13, 2011


Hostas are a gardener¡¯s delight! Not only do they have very ornamental foliage, they require relatively very little maintenance, and they are shade tolerant. Year after year, hostas reward us  with beautiful clumps that will become more and more impressive in size, coloration, and texture as they mature.  They are winter hardy to Zone 3, come in a multitude of sizes  from miniatures of a few inches across to giants that are 4 feet high and 5 feet wide. With over 4,000 registered cultivars, hostas come with a varied assortment of leaf patterns, colors, textures and substance. Leaves can be round, oval, lance-shaped, or heart-shaped. They may be puckered, flat, or have a wavy edge. Their substance can be very delicate or very thick and heavy. And as an extra bonus, the hosta¡¯s flowers can be fragrant, and range in color from white  to purple, depending on the species. 

No wonder they have become the #1 selling perennial in the last 10 years!

SunStruck Growers is a Canadian mail order source that offers a varied selection of healthy robust  hostas. They have all been grown in our nursery for at least one year and have survived at least one cold Manitoba winter (and we do mean cold with temperatures that can fall to ÂC35C). Every year we will keep diversifying our selection and try to provide the best hosta selection available in Western Canada.

Hosta_Sweet InnocenceHosta_Cracker_Crumbs

Looking for something different in a hosta?

We carry a unique selection of hosta varieties.

All our hostas have been wintered in Manitoba.

Canadian Hostas on the WebCanadian_Beaver

If you are proud  of your hosta collection and have any pictures you would like to share with us, we would love to see them! Please send them to us by email at sunstruckhostas@mts.net with a short email authorizing us to use them on our website or in our catalogue. You may find your pictures featured on our website!

Come on in and check us out!

¡®Olive Bailey Landon





¡®Cracker Crumbs¡¯

¡®Sweet Innocence¡¯



Hostas come in variety of colors and sizes. This photo combines  blue, green and variegated hostas of different textures with a colorful perennial to form an artistic and interesting bed.


We will not be accepting orders for the 2011 season. We will be taking 2011 to rebuild our stock. Please feel free to look around our site and keep us in mind for your 2012 hosta requirements.